Soap nuts

How to use soap nuts

《Before washing》

Put soap nuts in the washing tub and spin them idle, or spin them in the washing tub with cleaning course. The detergency and bactericidal power of nuts are also effective for soiling the washing tub. If the washing tub is dirty, germs in the washing tub may transfer to clothes and cause odor. We recommend cleaning the washing tub about once a month. Keep use Soap nuts in a clean washing tub.

《Washing method》

1. Put about 10 soap nuts in the attached cloth bag and tighten the mouth of the cloth bag firmly.

  Point ① If the mouth of the bag is not tight, nuts may spill out and break, and debris may adhere to clothing. Please tighten firmly.

2. Put the laundry and soap nuts in the washing machine and wash as usual.

  Point ①You can use this soap nuts with cold water, but warm water is more effective in cleaning.

  Point ②If you put too much laundry to rotate, or if you leave it on for a long time, the color of Soap nuts might transfer to your cloths.

  Point ③ Please do not use in dryer.

  Point ④ It will last longer if you take it out in dry spinning process.

3. Dry the cloth bag with soap nuts along with the laundry.

  Point ① After washing, it becomes soft. It becomes hard again when it dries, so it is a sign that it is dry when it returns to hard.

  Point ② It is possible to use it continuously, but please dry it completely after using it.

★ Soap nut replacement 

・ As a guideline for replacement, it should be in a state where it is dry and falls apart.

・ There is no problem even if it is broken a little.

★ Life of this Soap nuts depends on various factors. Generally, it is about 10 times on average, but it will be slightly short life in the following cases.

・ When the amount of laundry at one time is large.

・ When using hot water

・ When it is used continuously.

★ The color of the nuts may transfer to the cloth bag.

・ Unless the laundry is left with nut soap for a long time, the color will not transfer to the laundry.