Balcony Composter / Starter set

Balcony Composter / Starter set

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Balcony composter that enable you easily to practice composter on the balcony of your house

With a stylish bag type, you can easily make compost from kitchen waste.

A convenient felt bag can be used as a planter when compost is completed.

You can choose a seed from several types of vegetable seeds.

A balcony composter enable you to enjoy growing vegetables from planting to even harvesting.

Please enjoy the food circulation.


【set content】

・ Outer bag: Size=Height 37 cm x Width 33 cm 

・ Inner bag

・ Base material ①②


・ Seeds (Please choose your favorite seed on the order form)


We are promoting minimum packaging.

Please check the instruction manual on the website from the QR code attached to the outer bag in this set.